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Elevate Your Garden from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Here at Prairie Hills Nursery and Plant Shop, plants are our passion. We love looking onto a property and seeing a beautiful, lush, green oasis. But the key to maintaining your beautiful garden and landscaping involves much more than just the right plants and the right soil. There are endless options for you to turn your landscaping into something amazing as well as tools of the trade that do-it-your-selfers can utilize so your plants thrive.


Pots & Planters

Create Visual Interest And Pops Of Color With Pots and Planters

We provide a wide variety of pots and planters for you to elevate your space. If you’re looking to highlight your front entry, patio, balcony, or outdoor space with a beautiful pot or planter, we can help you create the look you’re aiming for. You can use our variety of pots and planters for your landscape design, around your property or entranceway, or to bring more greenery indoors.

Fertilizers, Herbicides & Insecticides

Flourishing Gardens Come From Proper Plant Nourishment

Your garden needs to be nurtured and cared for properly, and that means to maintain your investment you’re going to need to keep your soil fertile and fight off pesky pests who like to eat your plants. At Prairie Hills Nursery and Plant Shop we carry top quality, premium fertilizers and insecticides to help safeguard your garden beds, trees and shrubs.

We always have a wide selection of the following available for purchase:

Garden Tools

Use The Right Tools To Get The Job Done Efficiently

Our garden supply center is fully equipped with the right gear you need to maintain your garden beds and landscape design. We have an assortment of watering and pruning tools to manicure shape and properly saturate your plants.

Some of the gardening supply tools you can expect to find in our supply center are:

Dramm Compact Pruners

Pruners don’t take any special technique and are designed to smoothly cut and trim the branches from your trees, shrubs and garden beds. The Dramm pruner is lightweight, ergonomically designed and corrosion resistant and is a high quality, compact gardening tool.

Gardener Select Water Cans

Gardener Select has the most amazing selection and variety of beautiful watering cans that are perfect for indoor and outdoor watering. They have a classic vintage style and come in an array of design and color.

Dramm Watering Tools

Dramm watering tools are designed to offer a soft, aerated flow for watering plants and have sparked a revolution in hand watering. From specialized nozzles and high flow valves, the Dramm Corporation offers a wide variety of specialty nozzles for the professional grower.

DeWitt Tree Bags

Take the stress out of planting new trees with the new DeWitt Watering Bags designed to provide a drip irrigation system directly to tree roots over an extended period of time. DeWitt tree bags eliminate the severe water stress new trees endure after transplanting while preventing water run-off and evaporation.

Pond Supplies

Creating Unique, Life Sustaining In Ground Water Features

We love adding hardscaping features to your yard to really make you stand out in your neighborhood, but one area our nursery can really help with all the tools to do a top to bottom installation is in our pond selection and supplies. We have everything to keep your pond properly filtrated and keep your fish healthy and beautiful. At our nursery you can find everything you need including:


Frequently Asked Questions

Based on what you purchase and what you already own, our trained staff will help you determine the best tools you need to take care of the plants you purchase.

Different plants are susceptible to different pests, especially your vegetable garden, and we can make recommendations based on the specific scenarios you describe. We supply only top quality, premium brands that are safe for home use.

Water your lawn thoroughly a day or two before applying fertilizer. When the grass dries, apply fertilizer and then lightly water again. This second watering is vitally important, because it washes fertilizer off grass blades and into soil.

In a week or two after applying fertilizer you should start to see a difference in your plants. Fertilizers can last anywhere from two to nine months.

You should initially apply insecticide after seeing pests in your garden, and then repeat the process after a few days to eliminate any leftover pests. If you notice insects on many plants it is best to treat your entire garden.

Insecticides are surface treatment meant to treat the affected area, so because the pests are on the plant you do not need to water insecticide into the soil.