Annuals and Perennials


Provide Continuous Color to Your Garden Beds

There’s no need to struggle in creating finished beds full of healthy flowers that thrive in the space they’re planted.  We don’t just sell plants; we know how to select the right planting locations and care for them.

Annual and perennial bedding plants will bring life back to your garden beds with bright colors that can be used throughout the seasons to keep your yard looking amazing. We are not just plant experts. Prairie Hills Nursery and Plant Shop has specialized knowledge in plants and flowers that are suitable to our local central Kansas climate and we can help you pick the best bedding plants that aesthetically complement and grow well together.

Large Plant Variety With Competitive Prices

We stock a wide variety of bedding plants suitable for our hardiness zone (6B). Some bedding plants are grown for their color, some are climbers, and some bedding plants thrive best in the shade. Let our Master Gardeners on staff personally help you select the plants that are best for your garden’s conditions.

Here are some of the plants you can expect to see when you come visit our nursery:


Unlike their short-lived counterparts, these cold-hardy plants will return in the spring giving you a lower maintenance gardening option for bright, blooming flowers.


Whether you’re looking for tomato, pepper, herbs, cucumbers or seeds we have what you need to get started in your journey to grow your own food in a garden that you can maintain.

Potato and Onion Sets

We provide potato sets or onion sets used for planting to help you get your vegetable garden going. Onion sets are the easiest way to plant and ensure a harvest of full-sized onion bulbs.


Roses grow best with full sun and moist, well-drained soil. We will help you determine where the best place for your rose garden is so your flowers can thrive.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental can be used to assist with reducing soil erosion and can also offer shade. They offer a low maintenance attractive addition to your landscaping.


Annuals are a fun, bright way to seasonally beautify your garden with diversity and color.

House Plants

House plants are a great way to bring some of the outdoors inside of your home. They are decorative and visually beautiful and can also help detoxify the air inside your home.


Succulents are perfect design choices because they naturally contain many different shapes and colors that you can work with and integrate into the look of your space.

Our prices are seasonal. Please call or stop in to take a look at our seasonal, local stock with some guidance from one of our highly trained and knowledgeable staff members!


Why choose our nursery over the big box retailers?

We provide a much better, more personal experience than the big guys. Plants really are our passion. We love what we do and appreciate the chance to get to know you and your gardening goals, or help you solve plant health issues you may experience.

Whether you are looking for decorative houseplants to spruce up your indoor space, outdoor shrubs to create more privacy in your yard, or vegetables to begin the journey of growing your own food we are here to help. We take the intimidation out of the process by offering friendly service with a local family-centered spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our bedding plant variety and availability are seasonal and change throughout the year based on availability. Come peruse the nursery,  call the office or submit an inquiry to find out what’s in stock.

Your plant selection is going to depend on the irrigation, location for the plant, adjacent plants, your soil type, how much sunlight the area gets as well as just personal preference. Our helpful staff can offer suggestions for plants that would thrive in the conditions you have available.

In most cases, yes. Please call the office or submit an inquiry or stop in the nursery and let us know what you’re looking for.

If you know what you want, simply come in and shop from our available stock. If you’re looking for help with your plant selection, please take a look at our inspiration boards or speak with an on-staff Master Gardener. Feel free to bring in photos of your garden beds with any available information about sunlight, water and soil.