Beautiful Vertical Accents for Wildlife, Shade and Privacy

We can help you choose the perfect ornamental trees, bushes and shrubs for your property. Whether you want a privacy hedge or just to add some interest to your garden beds our staff will be able to help you make the best choice. Fruit, flowering and shade trees, maples, elm and oak and billowing shrubs not only add beauty to your landscape. They add value and curb appeal to your property as well with a mature, finished look.

A Variety of Trees for Your Property

We take pride in being a local, family owned business and as career gardeners and landscapers we are well versed in the beautiful trees that thrive in our local climate. Here are some of the trees you can expect to shop from when visiting our nursery.

How to Choose the Right Trees

When choosing the right tree for your property, consider its purposes. Is the tree being planted for functional purposes, aesthetics, or both? Here are a few questions to answer.

The benefit of planting trees and shrubs on your property is endless. Trees create thriving communities combating emissions and purifying the air. They are also major energy savers providing shade in warmer months and letting the sun light through during winter months. Trees will help eliminate erosion and capture rainfall reducing runoff and filtering water. Trees and shrubs also create a habitat for wildlife for you to enjoy on your property and can offer privacy and create aesthetically pleasing borders in your landscape design.

You can expect a healthy tree to survive at least 25 years (barring any incidents), so choose carefully, and ask our staff at the nursery what they would recommend based on your goals and purposes


Frequently Asked Questions

Our tree and shrub plant variety and availability are seasonal and change throughout the year based on stock availability. Stop in to see what’s in stock in the nursery or give us a call to find out more.

In most cases, yes. Please give us a call or stop in the nursery and let us know what you’re looking for.

Come into the nursery and bring photos of the area(s) where you’d like to plant trees. Note the sunlight, water availability, space availability, and features in the immediate vicinity that could impact the tree or its roots.  Our staff can offer suggestions for trees that would thrive and look good in the space available.